Artist statement

Based on the material and conceptual thinking I examine art's basic issues of culture and identity. My primary media is ceramics, but I engage regularly other media in my work, for example video. In this context it is essential to understand how important the diversity and cross-over activity is and has been for my creative development. In my video "Absentia ", which is about fluted porcelain, the body mimics ceramics. In the video "Trinity" the ceramics acts as a sort of “currency” of shame. In other words, I find it interesting to take ceramics to unexpected places.

When I include other media than ceramics I always make sure that the artisanal level is high. Ceramics is my specialty, and I often involve other professionals when I move beyond my own field. When I involve a set designer, a film photographer or body painter, I use these as craftsmen.

In my work I also try to merge the “why´s” and “how’s”, so that the essence of the work and the chosen media and technique form a symbiosis.