Hiding & Pretending is part II in a trilogy in which the two others are given the titles Golden Shame and Shame.

In this part of the trilogy I have gone a step further into Aksel Sandemose´s literary universe to study phenomena that are proportionate to or an extension of the concept of shame.

I have worked on selected work from part I. The ceramic shame balls from part I are encased in painted plaster corresponding to the plaster molds used for making the shame balls in the first place. This way the "plaster mold" becomes a part of the finished work and not just a medium to create another product. The plaster molds consist of a number of elements. Removing a single part you can look into the plaster mold and get a glimpse of the shame ball located inside.

In terms of shape and material, the idea is to experiment with the use of the plaster mold together with the ceramics and as part of the finished product.

Dimensions: (H/W/D): 20 cm x 305 cm x 122 cm • Materials:
glaced stoneware, painted plaster.

Photographer: Dorte Krogh